The PV700 is a fully plug and play infotainment system for your boat.  Programmed by Jardum with PPI specifications.  Available for OEM's or aftermarket.  Currently available for KEM Equipment, Marine Power, and Indmar engines.  

The kit will vary depending on the features you want for your boat.  Standard kit will include the screen, mounting brackets for a panel mount installation, main engine harness from engine to screen, and a key switch.

Engine Data

  • The gauge screen shows RPM, engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, voltage, and engine hours
  • The parameters screen shows 30 different parameters with KEM, and Marine Power engines.  Indmar parameters varies.
  • Has full engine diagnostic code list.  Not only will it display the fault code, but it will display the description of the code.

Map (Optional)

  • Uses Navionics maps
  • Has tracking, and waypoints available

Switching (Optional)

  • The power distribution module has 12 20 amp circuits.  It is also solid state; so no more fuses to replace.  When an error occurs the switch will glow red.  When the problem is fixed simply push the switch to reset.
  • The navigation, and anchor lights are tied to one switch to meet USCG regulations.  First push turns the navigation and anchor lights on, second push turns the navigation lights off, third push turns navigation and anchor lights off.
  • The heater switch has low, medium, and high setting.  It uses one wire, and adjusts the voltage output for easier heater installation
  • The blower can be programmed to turn on with the screen.
  • The auto bilge can be programmed to alert you at the screen when your auto bilge turns on.
  • Outputs can be programmed to always on.
  • The rest of the switches can be programmed to your specific needs with custom names.


  • Has 3 zone outputs.  Pre-programmed with zone 1, zone 2, and subwoofer.  Can be renamed, and adjusted for other options.
  • The 3 zones have individual volume adjustment.  When the main volume is adjusted it will maintain the volume differences between the different zones.  When the subwoofer zone is used it will act as a gain on the amplifier.
  • Has bluetooth, usb, AM, FM, and WX


  • Has 2 camera inputs accessible from any of the screens
  • Each camera input can be mirrored

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