Automatic Aerator Control


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Keeps your Bait or Catch Alive & Healthy

This aerator control provides a source of oxygen-rich water to your live well automatically. This unit features a solid-state timer with adjustable off times to adjust to varying conditions. Easily adaptable to existing systems.  Simply connect wiring according to instructions provided. Front panel is 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 and requires only 3" behind panel. Will handle a high capacity pump's current draw. 

  • Turns Pumps On & Off Automatically
  • Solid State Aerator Timer
  • Fully Adjustable Timer
  • 10 Amp Fully Waterproof Circuitry
  • Handles High Capacity Pump Current Draw
  • Requires a 3" Round or 2-1/2" Square Hole
  • Auto Spray (On) Time - Approximately 45 Seconds
  • Auto Delay (Off) Time - 1 Minute to Approximately 10 Minutes (Max)

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