JardumSKU: GPS-Kit

$ 599.99

This kit is for the PV700, and PV1200 touch screens.  Included in the kit is a GPS puck, harness to plug into the helm harness, and a USB stick with map data. 

The GPS puck comes with a Y-Harness that plugs directly into the PPI Helm Harness that comes as an option with the screens.  The standard helm harness has a 3 feet lead, and the Y-Harness has a 1 foot, giving you 4 feet from the screen.  An extension is available for a longer reach.

The USB stick plugs directly into the screens USB port.  A USB Y is needed if using maps, and USB on stereo.

The puck mounts with a high quality pressure sensitive tape, and plugs in with a deutsch style connector.

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